Play in Agriculture

Agriculture fixes carbon dioxide as biomass. Biomass can be used for food, fiber, chemicals, feed, fertilizer, fuel, etc. Theoretically, any petroleum product can be replaced by a biomass product. Biomass has the potential to solve global environmental problems and economic growth.

In 1938, the historian Huizinga advocated that humans are “Homo Ludens”. “Ludens” is a Latin word for “play”. In his research, it was concluded that Ludens is the essence of human activity and fundamental element of culture and society.

Agriculture and Play are essential human activities.
Agro Ludens Inc. approach agriculture with playfulness and make agriculture more exciting.

Corporate Info

Company Name Agro Ludens Inc.
Founder / CEO Kiyotaka Saga, Ph.D.
Founded April 14, 2021
Capital 9 million JPY
Location Headquarters:

2-1-16-1407, Nezu, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo, 113-0031, Japan

Cambodia office:

Tonle Sap Street, Chroy Changvar, 121-0001, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Main Business Activities R&D, production and sales of agricultural robot and biomass products